Alberta Job Grant

Ask us how the Alberta Job Grant can help implement a sustainable training program to support the professional and skill development of your valuable employees.

The Canadian Accreditation Council is an internationally recognized non-profit organization that specializes in accrediting health and human services programs and organizations

With 40 years of experience, we offer the CAC Learning Centre as a valuable resource to provide sustainable training platforms which support health care and human/ social service organizations.

We work to ensure that you and your staff members have access to the type of skill development training that allows them to confidently excel while staying safe and engaged.

Most CAC Accreditation Courses are valid for 3 years and recognized throughout the human, social and health care sectors.

Our Approach

Through years of experience working with community health and human service organizations, CAC demonstrates its understanding of organizational and sector needs.

The CAC Learning Centre values ethical practice, continuous improvement and cultural diversity; as such we, incorporate these values in our training standards and curriculum development to surpass theory based training for hands-on, experiential training outcomes.

Whether your goal is to need an immediate training goal or create a sustainable learning environment, The CAC Learning centre can guide each request.


Our mission is to design and deliver high impact training and development programs and provide a wide range of consultancy and training services that produce outstanding human performance within organizations.


We envision that all community health and social care organizations, and personnel will have access to relevant skill based knowledge and expertise to confidently deliver dignity informed services to those in care.

To learn more about the Canadian Accreditation Council application process and standard specific Training, please visit: Where applicable, The CAC Learning Centre provides first-party certification on its training programs and courses.



We are here to help your people and organizations maximize their potential!

Real World Training

CAC Training provides real world application of course content.

Accessible Trainers

We will travel throughout Canada to your onsite location.

Certified Courses & Trainers

Our courses ensure your organization in up to date and certified.

Support Services

Practical Governance Training that support your internal structure.

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