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Non-abusive Crisis Intervention Prevention Training

Course Length 2 day(s)
Price $ 185 / person
Min. Participants 10
Max. Participants 24
Training Format In-class training
If you are a company and would like
to enroll your employees.

Course Outline

Any time a restraint is used to manage behavior the risk of harm needs to be carefully reviewed and understood before any intervention is carried out. The CAC Learning Centre supports human service agencies and health care providers with critical frontline training which helps keep clients, staff, and the community safe. When encountered with a situation fueled by mental illness, agitation and related vulnerable scenarios; the ability to organize one’s thinking and calmly respond are effective de-escalation techniques that help avoid potential crisis. When the situation is unable to be de-escalated this training is designed to enable the frontline worker with the techniques and approved approaches to use restraint techniques to contain and control the behavior. These techniques prohibit the use of:
• face-down restraints
• any technique which applies pressure to the body in such a way as to impede the ability to breathe
• any technique that uses pain as a means of control

Certificate Expiration

3 years


• Understand CAC's Social Determinants of Health approach
• Gain confidence as a first responder and understand the importance of case supervision
• Understand the importance of body language and personal space
• Learn about the preservation of dignity informed care
• Gain knowledge of crisis de-escalation techniques, permitted restraint techniques, safe use of restraints, safety protocols, debriefing techniques, emergency responses, and reporting requirements

OUTCOME (Certificate, etc.)
A certificate course renewed every three years.

There are no upcoming scheduled dates for this course. Please send a course request if you are interested in taking this course.

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