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Cross-cultural Competency Training

Course Length 1 day(s)
Price $ 140 / person
Min. Participants 8
Max. Participants Unlimited
Training Format In-class training
If you are a company and would like
to enroll your employees.

Course Outline

At CAC we pride ourselves on promoting cross-cultural competencies and practices across public and private sectors. Our Cultural Competency Training will help you assess current organizational cultures while increasing competencies in an effort to promote and embrace positive recruitment, engagement and service/program delivery practices.

Certificate Expiration

3 years


• Deconstruct personal bias and bias informed perceptions
• Understand the levels of cultural competencies
• Learn about cultural competency theory
• Utilize gained knowledge during this course in the business case for developing cultural competencies in service and program delivery

OUTCOME (Certificate, etc.)
A certificate course renewed every three years.

There are no upcoming scheduled dates for this course. Please send a course request if you are interested in taking this course.

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