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Emergency Preparedness and Incident Action Planning

Course Length 1 day(s)
Price $ 125 / person
Min. Participants 8
Max. Participants 12
Training Format In-class training
If you are a company and would like
to enroll your employees.

Course Outline

This interactive and participative course will demonstrate that it is possible for an organization to proactively plan for unexpected challenges. This course will help you develop essential crisis case management skills; and outline how to effectively use advanced techniques to ensure harm reduction during unforeseen; escalated situations. In addition, participants will learn what potential risks may occur in the workplace during an emergency, how to respond to different emergencies, and the steps required in preparing for a critical response situation.

Certificate Expiration

Does not expire


• Receive best practice advice drawn from the expertise of critical incident responders and practitioners
• Learn how to proactively prepare for and respond to an emergency situation
• Learn about workplace hazards and training drills to prepare employees for worst case scenarios
• Address pre and post critical incident needs to accommodate staff, clients and related stakeholders

OUTCOME (Certificate, etc.)
A certificate from CAC stating that you attended the course.

There are no upcoming scheduled dates for this course. Please send a course request if you are interested in taking this course.

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